Kenzie's Story

Hi there! My name is Kenzie Rich, and I'm a Scottsdale-based portrait, fashion, and brand photographer and photography educator. 

The story of my entrance into the photography world is unique to many others. The legend says, "She was born with a camera in her hand." It's true - I've been taking photos and creating videos for as long as I can remember.

I love what I do! And what makes my job so special is getting to know my clients fully, taking special care to dig deep, find out what makes them happy, and treat their true personalities. Bringing their individuality out through photos and letting them shine is what drives my passion. I am all about bringing visions to life, so if you’ve got some ideas, let me know, and I'll collaborate with you to create the best shoot possible. If you're not sure what you want yet, that’s OK too! We can work together to create magic! 

When I’m not out shooting or helping others create their dream business, I love reading a good book, painting, dancing, or being outdoors. I'm always trying new things - pretty much every month, there's a new hobby that I’m picking up! But even in my free time, I find myself setting up shoots with my friends or meeting new clients. I truly can never get enough!

I help people unlock their potential and find new, exciting ways to find confidence and empowerment through portraits. Let's reshape the way we think about photos of us: It's for us first, and then for others second.